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Baker Creek

Bike Park

At our doorstep you will find the Baker Creek Bike Park.  The gateway to Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness.  After many years of effort by the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club (AMBC), Legacy Parks, and countless volunteer hours, the vision for an urban oasis has become a reality. The park is built with the purpose to serve the community, as well as out-of-town riders, of all ages and ability levels.  The Baker Creek Bike Park features a big (and little kid) pump track, an asphalt jump line, crushed stone skill lines, wooden features, and a greenway that the whole family can enjoy, no matter the conditions.

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Pump tracks

Whether you are a kid at heart, or an actual kid, the bike park features a pump track that fits your needs.  Bring a helmet, water, and snacks - as you might forget time exists while riding a pump track.

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Crushed stone lines

Along the greenway you will find a crushed stone mini-downhills, a pump track, jump lines, wall rides, and kid-friendly loops, combined with rock and wooden features to session.

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Asphalt jump line

A favorite of locals and visitors alike, the asphalt jump line (AKA Drag Strip) offers nearly a quarter-mile of berms, doubles, and wall rides that are open year-round.



Just beyond our front door you will find Baker Creek Preserve.  This is the icing on the cake to the Baker Creek Bike Park.  In the preserve you will find four multi-use trails and three downhill specific trails.  Each trail in this area provides beginner to expert riders with something to write home about.  Please be mindful of current conditions.

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Sycamore Loop (beginner)

A one-mile rolling loop at the base of Baker Creek Preserve.

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Red Bud Crest (intermediate)

A one-mile climb trail used to access trails at the pinnacle of Baker Creek Preserve.

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Floyd Fox (intermediate)

A one-mile trail used for climbing and descending; always use caution for hikers and uphill cyclists if you are descending.

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Cruz Farm
(beginner downhill)

The most fun you will have in ¾ of a mile! (downhill only/directional), knowledge of controlled braking and an “attack position” while riding are helpful on this trail.

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Barn Burner
(intermediate downhill)

Large step-ups & step-downs, table tops, and lips to test your skills as a downhill rider (downhill only/directional) for ¾ of a mile.  Controlled braking, jumping skills, and an “attack position” while riding are a must on this trail. B-Lines are accessible for those not ready for the amount of air that can be achieved on this run.

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Devil's Race Track
(advanced downhill)

Devil’s Racetrack (advanced downhill): Just over a half mile, Devil’s Racetrack offers a wall ride, gap jumps, drops, and berms that will teach you about escape velocity as you descend.  This downhill trail is not for the faint of heart, nor the beginner rider.

Time to ride

Baker Creek Bike Park and Preserve offer miles of fun for every rider.  From the top of Red Bud Crest and Floyd Fox you can access over 35 miles of quality mountain bike trails, including access to the Year Round, Get Down trail system that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, in wet weather or hero dirt conditions.  If this were everything we had to offer, we’d be content, but it doesn’t stop there.  Visit AMBCLegacy Parks, and Visit Knoxville for more information about all the trails and what Knoxville has to offer during your visit to Bear Paw Bikes.

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